Product Approval Links and Information to Our Products

                                                      Below is a List of our Proprietary Product Line:


1- Series 2047 Aluminum Impact Resistant Curtain-Wall System with current Florida Approval for Large and Small Missile applications with design pressures up to 145psf +/-. The system is a unitized, shop glazed , curtain-wall system fabricated in shop ready to ship for installation.

The latest evolution of the system further diversifies it to reach single span heights of up to 20’-0 and 7’-0 wide. It accepts both laminated and laminated-insulated glazing. It can be provided either captured or uncaptured for an all glass appearance.


2- Series 2046 Aluminum Window Wall System NOA #15-0302.03 and is currently under testing to accept Insulated glazing.


3- Sunshade System- Sunshades can be custom made and have varying blade designs. These are customized and engineered to the customer’s preference. They can be direct application or engineered to be integrated into existing curtain-wall and window wall systems.


4- Glass Railing Impact resistant with current testing. This is a unitized system shop glazed and sent to field ready to install. The system is tested up to

131psf +/-.


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